Gardening in spring

Spring is the ideal time of year to prepare your garden for the coming growing season. Here are some essential jobs that will help you maintain a healthy and thriving garden and enjoy a bountiful harvest in summer:

1. prepare the floor

    • Add compost: Improve soil structure and fertility by incorporating mature compost.
    • Remove weeds: Before planting new plants, remove weeds thoroughly to avoid competition for nutrients and water.
    • Till vegetable beds with a sow tooth. This finely crumbles the topsoil. Earthworms, fungi and bacteria will increase the amount of humus in the soil. You can support and strengthen this process with organic fertilization.

2. select and plant plants

    • Plant early bloomers: Plant bulbs and tubers of flowers such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinths to provide early color accents.
    • Planting vegetables: Sow robust vegetables such as spinach, peas and radishes directly in the open ground.
    • Divide perennials: Divide overgrown perennials to increase their vitality and provide more flowers.

3. care for trees and shrubs

    • Carry out pruning: Prune fruit trees and shrubs to encourage the growth of new shoots and ensure an abundant harvest.
    • Check for pests: Check trees and shrubs for pests and diseases and treat them early if necessary.

4. check irrigation systems

    • Inspect watering systems: Check your irrigation systems and equipment for proper functioning and repair any damage.
    • Rainwater harvesting: Install rainwater barrels to save water and ensure environmentally friendly irrigation.

5. lawn care

    • Aerate the lawn: Aerate the lawn with a rake or scarifier to loosen compacted soil and supply the roots with oxygen.
    • Re-seed and fertilize: Re-seed bare patches and fertilize the lawn to promote dense and healthy growth.

By following these steps, you will create the best conditions for a successful start to the gardening season. Your garden will blossom and reward you with a rich harvest in summer.

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