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THE KNIFE Fasseiche und Messerhalter Räuchereiche RE001/32
THE KNIFE Grenadill und Messerhalter Räuchereiche RE001/32
THE KNIFE Olive und Messerhalter Räuchereiche RE001/32

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Hand forged chef’s knives THE KNIFE from the knife factory Güde

Even at first glance it becomes clear that THE KNIFE has relatively little to do with a conventional chef’s knife. The supposedly short handle and the conspicuously large blade with the very wide spine – only to be realized in such a way with a forged knife – make one think rather of a design object.

But once you’ve worked with THE KNIFE, you know that it’s not just about breathtaking beauty, but above all about unique handling. Just like a professional chef holds a chef’s knife, you hold THE KNIFE automatically. Thumb and index finger form a U and securely grip the blade.

The middle finger is conveniently “parked” in the finely crafted bulge at the end of the blade. This keeps the center of gravity perfectly inside the hand and ensures fatigue-free work.

No transition disturbs, all lines are fluid. This automatically guarantees the correct grip position and a comfortable hand rest at all times.

Cooking with THE KNIFE is actually even more beautiful than just looking at it! 

The knives are ice-hardened and hand-sharpened. Do not put them in the dishwasher.

Since its foundation by Karl Güde, the cutlery has been continuously owned by the family and is currently managed by the great-grandson Dr. Karl Peter Born.

Forged chef’s knives of the highest sharpness and functionality.

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THE KNIFE Damast, Fasseiche, Olive, Grenadill