forged splitting wedges / rotary splitting wedges / safety splitting wedges from Krumpholz 1799

When the splitting axe reaches its limits, splitting wedges provide handy logs

As soon as you need logs for a fireplace or you want to store wood for other purposes, you should never store cut wood unsplit. On the one hand, the longer it dries, the more difficult it is to split, and on the other, its calorific value is reduced as internal rot sets in. On the other hand, if the felled wood is processed as quickly as possible, the logs can dry better, which increases their calorific value.

To split logs, there are several ways. As an alternative to the costly and space-intensive hydraulic log splitter, it is worthwhile to take a sporty grip on the splitting axe or splitting hammer.

However, some logs or types of wood are so snagged or hardened that even these tools reach their limits. At this point, our forged splitting wedges come into play.

Enormous power due to special design

Splitting wedges come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Their special design makes them particularly suitable for splitting hard wood and meter pieces. The wedge surfaces are provided with a special profile. Lateral “scales” prevent the wedge from jumping out, the inserted grooves and webs provide better guidance, reduce resistance and at the same time increase the splitting effect. To ensure that the wedge sticks better in the wood when it is applied, our splitting wedges are easy to apply with their sharp point and quickly find a good hold in the wood thanks to special notches. All these features of the splitting wedges ensure that firewood can be split into manageable, easily transportable and fast-drying logs in just a few strokes.

Rotary gap wedges are even more efficient

A special form of splitting wedges are the so-called rotary splitting wedges. Their special shape additionally helps to break apart the wood when splitting. Due to their twist, the force of the impact is transferred even more effectively into the wood, as the splitting effect increases enormously due to the wider wedge angle

Correct use of splitting wedges

No matter which model you end up using, the application of splitting wedges always follows the same principle: place the wedge rather close to the edge and make sure that it is as parallel as possible to the direction of the grain with the cutting edge pointing vertically inwards. Now you can drive it in with light hammer blows – with a small hammer if necessary – until it is firmly seated. The wedge is then driven into the wood with a heavy hammer until it breaks apart. Ideally, you should use a special splitting hammer with an axe head on one side. This way you can – if necessary – still help with targeted blows without having to change your tool too often. If the wedge disappears in the wood – which can happen especially with meter pieces – you can add a second, longer wooden wedge until the wood is split in two. Whatever hammer you choose, make sure you never hit steel wedges with steel faces.

Pay attention to safety when working with splitting wedges

As with all woodworking, when splitting with wedges, be aware of your own safety and that of those around you. For this purpose, wear appropriate protective clothing and goggles that protect you against flying splinters.

Maximum safety is provided by splitting hammers or splitting axes with PE impact heads, e.g.:

The polymer impact surface dampens the impact. Chipping of metal is practically impossible with a precise blow. However, the PE impact heads must be replaced occasionally.

When using splitting wedges with PE impact heads, our regular forestry, splitting axes and splitting hammers are a good choice:

Marking splitting wedges in forestry work

If you also want to counteract the risk of losing a wedge, you can apply a coat of signal color (e.g. red or neon yellow) with a spray can. Because how quickly it happens and a wedge is lost outside – especially if you use it in the forest. It will not necessarily make the wedge more beautiful, but it will make it more noticeable.

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