Löwe Gartenscheren

Spare parts for the professional pruning shears and loppers from the Original Löwe toolmakers

Original LÖWE is a North German tool smithy and goes back to Walther Schröder who invented the anvil shears in 1923 and applied for a patent.

Today, the company is owned by Randolph Schröder, the grandson of Walther Schröder.

The range of spare parts is the perfect complement to the high-quality Original LÖWE scissors and guarantees an extremely long service life for the scissors.

Easy replacement and favorable spare parts prices.

Cutting tools from LÖWE with the best cutting performance for long-term use.

Our recommendation if you would like to purchase a pair of secateurs.

Best Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price (incl. shipping costs) at another retailer, you will receive this original LÖWE item from us at the same price.

This warranty is valid for up to 14 days after purchase. Excluded are special sales from stock liquidations, bankruptcies and auctions.