Knife blocks – Knife board – Knife holder

Knife manufacturer Güde

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Handmade knife blocks from the knife manufactory Güde

High-quality knives should not be stored loose in a cutlery drawer. The knives become blunt more quickly and there is a high risk of injury. It is best to use shapely and functional knife blocks or magnetic knife boards. Matching our Güde knives, we offer here various storage options.

Care instructions

The wood of the knife blocks should occasionally be rubbed with a little oil. This will prevent the wood from dulling. It’s best to just use some olive oil for this. If some dust has accumulated in the shafts of your knife block, you can remove it well with pipe cleaners. 

Fine knives should be cleaned the way they were made: by hand. In most cases, it is quite sufficient to wipe the blade with a damp cloth. You should make sure that the knife is not left uncleaned for a long time. There are food residues (e.g. lemons) whose acids can attack even high-quality steel. Please avoid working on the knife with corrosive or abrasive aids. High-quality knives never belong in the dishwasher and also not loose in a drawer (risk of injury!).

Forged chef’s knives of the highest sharpness and functionality.

Güde Magnetleiste Eiche E095/40
RE001/32 Messerhalter Güde The Knife
RE001/32 Messerhalter Güde The Knife
Güde Messerblock Synchros 4-S000L