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Why fertilize organically?

Organic fertilizers supplement the nutrient supply of the cultivated crops in the garden. The nutrients present in the soil are often not in the optimal usable form and quantity. Only the supply of plant nutrients through fertilization enables the plant to be optimally supplied. Fertilization should be adjusted to the plant’s needs. The use of our organic fertilizers optimizes the nutrition of the plant, promotes plant growth, improves the yield and also the quality of the harvested products. Soil fertility is permanently increased by organic fertilization.

Why fertilize with CUXIN DCM?

You can achieve a basic improvement of the soil humus layer by consistent application of composted natural fertilizers such as ORGASAN ORGANIC FULL FERTILIZER. In this fertilizer, humic compounds are built up through complex composting processes, which form the so-called permanent humus.

Humus (organic matter) improves soil structure and increases soil life. You can increase the humus content with natural fertilizers and well-matured composts. However, composts should absolutely be free of pathogens and weed seeds. Therefore, support the microorganisms in the conversion of your compost by adding lime or special compost starters.

In “heavy” clayey and loamy soils, humus significantly loosens the soil

A soil rich in humus better stores nutrients in a form available to plants (especially important for sandy soils). Humus also reduces the leaching of nitrogen

Humus stores precipitation water – like in a sponge – in a form that is immediately available to the plant; more water is thus available to the roots during dry phases!

What does MINIGRAN mean?

The unique Minigran production process produces a microgranule that is significantly smaller than classic granules and is also very fine and homogeneous. This allows an even distribution of fertilizer between the plants. Another special feature is that the minigranulate has no breaking edges. This makes it low in dust and odor. An additional advantage is the very low nutrient leaching into groundwater compared to chemical fertilizers. The nutrients are plant-available, with maximum respect for the environment at the same time.

Organic fertilizer from Cuxin DXM for healthy plants and uncontaminated flora and fauna.