forged shovel from Krumpholz 1799


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Shovels are primarily used to move loose material. Dhe shape of the blade depends on the application.

      • The Holstein shovel with straight leading edge is well suited for shoveling loose bulk material from smooth surfaces, such as asphalt or paved areas
      • The Frankfurt shovel has a tapered heart-shaped blade. It can be used to pierce gravel piles, for example, more easily than a Holstein shovel.
      • The Holländer sh ovel is similar to the Holstein shovel, but has a curved leading edge for clearing ditches. The blade is smaller and is therefore usually more comfortable for women to work with.
      • Like the Frankfurt shovel, the Bavarian sand shovel has a tapered very solid blade.
      • The ladies sh ovel is similar to the Bavarian sand shovel but slightly smaller and lighter. It is also very good for digging planting holes.
      • The spade shovel is a mixture of a spade and a shovel. It can be used to move loose bulk material but also to dig planting holes.

Krumpholz buckets are forged from particularly strong and tough carbon steel.

The many different shovels from Krumpholz offer all gardeners the right gardening tool for the requirement needed.

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