forged spork / gardener spork from Krumpholz 1799

Spork – Revolution of gardening

An innovative tool with old models – the unique principle of the SPORK combines a variety of garden tools in one.

Once you’ve worked with a SPORK, you won’t want to do without it – because this special gardening tool is a real asset to any gardener. And for good reason: it combines a variety of garden tools in one. With this worldwide patented principle, the SPORK is one of the most popular of its kind and was awarded best garden tool by BBC Garden Magazine in 2008.

A revolutionary idea

The spade and fork combination was developed in 1992 by Robert Todd in Oxford, England. Todd’s idea here was as simple as it was revolutionary: instead of continuing to fret over the shortcomings of his gardening tools, he decided to develop a more convenient, flexible way to work the soil. With new ideas and combinations of the properties of known tools, after many steps of work, a new, highly effective and stable tool for working in the garden was created. The exciting sounding name SPORK was also given to the device by a combination. It is an English word creation from Spade (spade) and Fork (digging fork) – which also describes its tasks: The spork can be used to dig up and loosen hard, heavy soil.

Special combination of tools

But the SPORK actually does much more: in addition to digging up, its benefits also include cutting roots, removing weeds, loosening the soil, planting work, lawn aeration and even cutting off the lawn edge. Simply put, it’s four tools in one: a spade, spading fork, edger and lawn aerator for all soil conditions. One of the main reasons why even professional gardeners work with this tool.

Razor sharp, self sharpening blade

The essential feature of the innovative tillage implement is its zigzag cutting edge. The blade is hand forged from high quality Boron steel. Boron steel is a very hard yet flexible steel that is also used in high-performance automotive components. The hand-forged, razor-sharp points are extremely robust and allow unique, effortless penetration into hard soils or through solid roots, while resharpening themselves. The SPORK penetrates the ground effortlessly through the recesses in the blade. The holes in the tool support the functional principle and at the same time reduce the weight.

The many different sporks from Krumpholz offer here for all gardeners the right gardening tool for the required requirement.

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