Sharpening steel

Knife manufacturer Güde

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Forged sharpening steels from the Güde manufactory

Güde is a Solingen knife manufacturer with over 100 years of tradition. The knives are forged by hand in small quantities. The blades are made of forged chrome-vanadium-molybdenum knife steel.

Knives must be regularly passed over a sharpening rod or sharpening steel to maintain their sharpness. The perfect result is achieved when the knives are polished with a strop / leather strop after sharpening with a sharpening steel.

To keep knife blades sharp for a long time, they belong in a knife block or if they are stored in the cutlery drawer, they should be protected by a knife sheath.

Since its foundation by Karl Güde, the cutlery has been continuously owned by the family and is currently managed by the great-grandson Dr. Karl Peter Born.

Forged chef’s knives of the highest sharpness and functionality.