forged sappie / handsappie from Krumpholz 1799


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Sappie the all purpose helper

The sappie is a useful multi-purpose tool especially for woodwork. In simple terms, it is a combination of a hammer and a reversible hook – effectively an extended arm or handle for pieces of wood.

Depending on the field of application, it is available in different designs and lengths – but its shape is always the same, because this plays an essential role. A sappie consists of a slightly curved steel tip attached to the handle at an angle of about 120° and worked out to a flat striking piece on the back.

The little helper facilitates the most diverse tasks: By lengthening its own “gripping surface”, Sappies reduce or facilitate the back, moving around and placing pieces of wood on the splitter. It also reduces the amount of force needed to lift smaller pieces of wood and grab them by hand, since the user does not have to bend down as low and can lift them with the sappie. Also, when sawing wood to size, the leverage of the sappie can raise the wood a few inches so that the second man does not hit the ground or forest path with the chainsaw while sawing.

With one blow the wood on the handle

As useful as the Sappie is, it’s easy to use: Simply hit the tip into the wood and you have the wood in your grip. Thus, a lying log can be pulled or lifted or turned with a hammered-in tip by hammering the tip under the log. By subsequently pressing forward, the sappie is then simply released again.

Safety instructions for working with the Sappie

However, when using it, be sure to work with the sappie in a straddling step and hit it vertically into the wood to avoid injury if you slip off the wood when the blow is aimed at your body.

Likewise, never underestimate the weight of the wood moved, even if it is enormously reduced by the strong leverage. Especially snagged logs should therefore not be pulled down with the sappie, but instead with a rope turn.

Since a light blow is sufficient to drive the sappie into the wood, and it does not have to be lunged overhead, the sappie is a forestry tool with a rather low risk of injury when used correctly.

Recommendation of forged sappia

Our forged sappies from Krumpholz are especially popular with forestry workers and landscapers. They are handy sturdy and available in four different sizes. Each with an ash or a particularly sturdy hickory handle.

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Handsapppie von Krumpholz