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Robert-Klaas garden shears

Gardener’s hip from Robert-Klaas


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Robert-Klaas garden shears

Robert-Klaas oculating knife


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Garden tool manufacturer in tool garden

Hand forged garden tools from Krumpholz 1799

The Krumpholz family forges high-quality forestry and gardening tools in the Guttenberg hammer in Upper Franconia. The forge was founded as early as the Middle Ages and has its own hydroelectric power plant for energy production. The energy obtained is used to operate the large forging furnaces and forging hammers.

In 1799, the forge was acquired by Johann David Krumpholz and passed down from generation to generation. Meanwhile, the sixth, seventh and eighth generations live and work together on the Guttenberg Hammer. With centuries of experience, real masterpieces for gardening and forestry work are forged here.

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Berger pruning shears and pruning saw

Professional garden shears, pruning saws and loppers from the toolsmith Julius Berger. Founded in 1918 by the Wuppertal merchant Julius Berger, the company has been forging high-quality garden tools since 1930. Still in the traditional way, but with the most modern machines. The tools are made of high-quality steel and are brought to a very high, long-lasting sharpness by a multi-stage precision grinding process. Blades, saw blades and many individual parts can be replaced separately. The company has been continuously family-owned since its foundation and is currently managed by the siblings Ina and Julius Berger.

A favorite brand of gardeners and landscapers. Tools in best quality and ergonomic design

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Garden shears and gardener’s knife from Robert Klaas

High quality garden shears and gardener’s taps from the Solingen cutlers Robert Klaas. Robert Klaas has been manufacturing and assembling scissors and knives in Solingen since 1834. The company has been continuously family-owned since its foundation and is currently managed by the brothers Guido and Ernst Jürgen Schiesen.

The products are characterized by their high quality. The use of carbon steel, which is less brittle than stainless steel, allows particularly high levels of sharpness to be achieved.

All Robert Klaas tools with best price guarantee.

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