Forged rose fork from Krumpholz 1799

The most beautiful roses grow only with a rose fork

For the proper care of roses, there are a few things to consider – the choice of the right tool also plays an important role.

Roses need a lot of air at their roots,

firstly so that rot does not develop, and secondly they can absorb nutrients best via their fine suckers if the soil is not too dense. However, because they are heavy feeders, they filter out the nutrients and trace elements from the soil, so the soil around them compacts very quickly. Roses are also very sensitive when their roots are injured, so you should not loosen the soil with a cultivator or similar, but use special rose forks.

To loosen the soil

best to carefully poke the rose fork around a few times deep into the ground, and then move it back and forth with feeling. Thus, you create channels through which air enters the soil.

The advantages of a rose fork

are already apparent at first glance and are confirmed when working with it: Due to the narrow design with the two tines, which are, however, very stable, you can easily get close to the plants. The two tines also prevent the roots from being cut, because they are not round or square, but have a special shape that pushes aside the roots of the roses and thus hardly damages them. These features make it possible to work with a rose fork in a more targeted manner and actually loosen only the soil without grossly injuring the roots.

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