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Hand forged chef’s knives of the series Synchros from the knife manufacturer Güde

The SYNCHROS knife series from Güde Solingen is the logical further development of the chef’s knife.

The name says it all – SYNCHROS synchronizes hand and knife and, thanks to its innovative design, enables a flexible gripping position for universal use. In particular, the following points distinguish the knives:

innovative handle design

novel raised handle position

uniform handle size

continuous underlying tang (part of the blade located in the handle)

solid convex wooden handle made of smoked oak

smooth transition between handle and blade

forged from one piece

through ground blade on the beard

slightly convex shape of the bevel (cutting edge)

Whether you are an amateur or professional chef, SYNCHROS enables individual handling for optimum cutting results. The novel raised handle position and the through-ground blade on the beard guarantee the best possible use of force at a safe distance from the cutting board.

The continuous underlying tang provides balance and, together with the solid convex wooden handle, it is the key to comfortable knife handling in any position.

The knives are ice-hardened and hand-sharpened. Do not put them in the dishwasher.

Since its foundation by Karl Güde, the cutlery has been continuously owned by the family and is currently managed by the great-grandson Dr. Karl Peter Born.

Forged chef’s knives of the highest sharpness and functionality.

Güde Synchros Zubereitungsmesser S805/14