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Professional pruning shears and loppers from the Original LÖWE toolmakers

Original LÖWE is a North German tool smithy that goes back to Walther Schröder, who invented the anvil shears in 1923 and applied for a patent. Today, the company is managed by Randolph Schröder, the grandson of Walther Schröder.

Original LÖWE is a leader in the field of high-quality anvil pruning shears. These offer a number of advantages over the familiar bypass shears. With anvil shears, the blade cuts through the material to be cut in a pulling cut. This reduces the force required for cutting.

With anvil pruning shears, you can also cut old or very hard wood or thicker branches relatively easily. Anvil shears cut a comparable piece of wood with less effort than bypass shears.Another advantage is that they can be used by both right and left-handed users. Bypass shears are always one-handed and are generally made for right-handed users.

The use of bypass shears is advantageous when it comes to cutting soft, fibrous and green clippings cleanly and with as little bruising as possible.

A common prejudice against anvil shears is the concern that the blade will become blunt at the counter bearing, the so-called anvil. This is not possible with LÖWE anvil shears. The hardness of the blade steel is four times as high as the hardness of the anvil. When cutting with original LÖWE anvil shears, the impact of the blade on the anvil has no effect on the sharpness of the blade. The sharpness of the blade is only influenced by the cutting frequency and the material to be cut.

The perfect spare parts supply and the simple and inexpensive interchangeability of parts for LÖWE shears is also a major advantage. We offer the complete range of spare parts for all LÖWE garden shears that we offer. The smallest screw, springs, blades, counter bearings and handles. You can order everything directly on our LÖWE spare parts page at a reasonable price and clearly arranged.


The original LÖWE shears from the CLASSIC series are classic anvil shears with straight or curved blades. A chrome-plated steel body and the central guide of the blade lever are the visually recognizable features of the robust CLASSIC series.

The original LÖWE principle, proven a million times over since 1923, a pulling cut against a fixed base, stands for the particularly easy cut and has made the CLASSIC scissors world-famous.


The original LÖWE scissors from the ECONOMIC series are particularly compact and easy to handle. These models are reduced to the essentials and have all the important features required for long-lasting use and a clean, powerful cut.


The original LÖWE scissors from the PROFESSIONAL series are particularly suitable for daily professional use due to their superior technology.

The blades are mounted on the outside of the scissors with just one nut. This enables blades to be changed in just a few seconds without having to completely dismantle the scissors. The grip width is infinitely adjustable and can therefore be individually adapted to your hand size. With the anvil and hybrid shears, the service life of the blade and base is significantly extended by adjusting the handle width.

The models in the PROFESSIONAL series are available as EASY-CUT, FAST-CUT or POWER-CUT for fast work, for a light cut or for a particularly powerful cut.


Anvil shears with a straight blade allow you to work quickly. The straight blade ensures that the material to be cut and the desired cutting point are hit safely. The fast and reliable meeting of the cutting point makes the cutting work very efficient.


Anvil shears with a short and slim blade cut very easily because the material to be cut is close to the bearing and the power transmission is therefore optimal. In addition, a thin blade wedges the branch to be cut less. This means that even less force is required for cutting.


Hybrid shears are anvil shears with bypass geometry. They combine the best of two worlds. Thanks to the curved shape of the blade and base, even large-diameter clippings lie close to the bearing and do not slide forward during cutting. Thanks to this ideal power transmission, even strong branches made of hard wood can be cut effortlessly.

Garden tools from LÖWE with the best cutting performance for long-term use.

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