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Product ratings:

    • Only customers who have purchased our products are authorized to rate them.
    • In this way, we want to ensure that the ratings provide valid information about the product quality.
    • You can give your consent to a reminder email regarding a product review during the purchase process. If you agree, you will receive a one-time e-mail with a link to submit a review of our store and the products you have purchased.
    • Alternatively, you can rate each product you have purchased manually on the respective product page. To do this, you must have registered as a customer during the purchase process and be logged in to our site. You can access the product pages via the menu, the search function on the website or via My Account Orders to access them.

Basic information on reviews:

    • We look forward to any feedback. Almost all of our products are manufactured in small, medium-sized companies with a high proportion of manual labor.
    • Should you find a mistake, we would be pleased if you contact us before submitting a negative review: . As a rule, a quick and amicable solution can be found to all problems.
    • Our reviews in the “Footer” are provided by Trustindex.
    • Trustindex represents our collected reviews from our Google Business Account , our reviews from Cusreview and from our eBay store.
    • All our products are best purchased via this website. Only on this website do we sell all products from our range and there is a comprehensive best price guarantee.

Best price guarantee:

Our best price guarantee means the following:

    • If you find a cheaper price (incl. shipping costs) at another retailer, you will get this item at the same price at our store.

    • This warranty is valid for up to 14 days after purchase. Excluded are special sales from stock liquidations, bankruptcies and auctions.

    • This means you can simply order. If you want a lower price incl. shipping at another retailer, please send us the corresponding link by e-mail within 14 days of purchase to . You will receive a refund of the difference after a successful check.

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